About Más Talent HR

Más Talent HR is a human resources firm, focusing on organizational effectiveness, talent management and diversity management solutions, for companies both large and small.

President & Principal Consultant Cyndi Ryan leads our firm on the strength of her 20-year career in human resources and diversity management, and her extensive experience developing and maintaining strategic people solutions has never been more relevant. This is because today’s competitive business environment requires you to maximize your personnel without maxing out your capital.

We tackle the most relevant issues facing organizations and entrepreneurs with a business model built on enhancing a business’ bottom-line, by maximizing its “people capabilities.” The result is a transformative human resources delivery model that incorporates key concepts of Fractional HR (for more on this, see our HR Solutions page).

Why choose
Más Talent?

Our firm excels at balancing an organization’s resources while coaching its leadership on a wide variety of progressive business practices, such as affirmative action requirements, inclusive leadership, preventing harassment in the workplace and much more. This allows us to offer specialty human resources support, enabling a business to maximize its budget and personnel and increasing its chance for success.

Se Habla Español

As America’s demographics continue to shift, it has become increasingly important for organizations to focus on diversity and inclusion. Not only do we have an expertise in diversity and inclusion, but we’re Latinx owned and operated. We understand the Latinx culture first-hand, and we’ve used it to scout and develop top Latinx executives.  

Cyndi is fully bi-lingual and leverages her understanding of the Latinx culture when facilitating individuals and groups to effectively engage with and meet the needs of today’s diverse workforce.

Es mi placer de recomendar a Cynthia Ryan como consultante. Su dedicación a su trabajo a probado de ser una persona útil y necesaria a cualquier organización.

E conocido a Cynthia por más de 20 años en mi capacidad de profesional.  El trabajo de Cynthia no solo es innovador pero la reconozco como una de las mejores Consultantes que he conocido en mis 25 años de Profesional.

Cynthia se distingue por siempre ser la milla extra y hace su trabajo con excelencia.  Es no solo súper inteligente pero también es una increíble comunicadora y analítica. Su habilidad más grande es poder subir el nivel del trabajo y ampliar la visión. Es enfocada, honesta y una verdadera profesional.  

Es un honor conocerla y su atención al detalle es impresionante.

José Valdez
CEO Wisdom Safety Advisors