Fractional HR may be a perfect solution for your startup business

Working on a budget? Time to consider outsourcing your HR needs.

Launching a business rarely begins with a spectacular vision of your future human resources department. However, an affordable and talented human resources team at the ready is becoming increasingly important much earlier in the startup process—particularly in light of a series of recent high-profile sexual harassment allegations.

Often overlooked, human resources serves a vital function for any sized business. Hiring the right talent during expansion and implementing effective policies—earlier rather than later—paves a smooth path to long-term success. But without the capital to form an HR department, many high-growth and startup businesses turn to Fractional HR—one of our favorite human resource solutions.

What is fractional HR?

Fractional HR allows you to outsource your human resources needs to a third party, instead of relying on an internal department that will increases overhead and expenses.

Our fractional HR service is a cost-effective HR solution that provides you with expertise in a particular area depending on the current needs of your business, and the flexibility to have experienced human resources professionals on-demand or over a set period of hours per month.

How can fractional HR work for you?

Your fractional HR team can consist of various roles—HR Administrator, HR Generalist, HR Manager, HR Coordinator, HR Director. Depending on your specific needs, it can be a single individual or an entire team. Combined, the roles generally assume the following responsibilities:


Managing the hiring process for all open positions, interviewing and screening candidates, developing interview questions and tools, and coordinating the pre-employment requirements.


Assistance with compiling often-overlooked, necessary templates for your growing business: employment applications, offer letters, termination letters, employee surveys, performance reviews, and more.


Assessing your organizational culture.  Get a read on what employees are thinking, how engaged they are or what the temperature is around diversity and inclusion.  We conduct surveys, focus groups and one-on-one interviews to give you an assessment of your culture and recommendations for improvement.


Managing the onboarding process for employees, coordinating enrollment of benefits, overseeing third-party benefits administration relationships, resolving escalated issues, and guiding the employee claims processes.


Conducting HR Audits to ensure your organization is complying with current federal, state and local laws/regulations. A determination of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, improving your competitive advantage by understanding best practices or specific functional area assessments, and managing employee relations situations.

The Mas Talent Advantage

We have a wide-range of experienced human resources professionals ready to support your business needs. Our work with a diverse range of companies means you probably don’t have a problem we can’t solve.

If you’re a startup business, growing fast, or working on a limited budget, request a free consultation and discover how our Fractional HR solution can work for you.