How to Make Your Leadership Development a Priority

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Spend a little time investing in something priceless … Yourself.

Companies understand leadership development is an investment, both in hard dollars and in time, but without an overarching strategy or defined intent, the investment may offer little reward. Instead, narrow your investment–in you!

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Define Your Goals

Identify your career goals and break down (Literally, write it down!) how you plan to go from point A to B. Recognize the next step you want to take in your career or personal development and align your strategy for leadership development along this path. Many people do not dedicate enough–if any–time to contemplating their personal growth strategy. Don’t be that person.

Take Initiative

Once you’ve determined your next step, compare where you currently stand to where you need to be.  How do you stack up against those new requirements? Are you ready now? If not, how will you get there? You don’t need to rely on a Succession Plan or a Talent Planning program to develop a strategy for your own leadership development. Keep it simple, but be consistent. It’s about self-awareness, candid feedback, and gap planning. We’ve already compiled a list of 11 Tips for Developing Effective Leadership that you can reference daily on the path to a better you!

Measure Up

Be honest with yourself, and let others be honest about you. Never pass up an opportunity for candid feedback. Have you had a 360?  How long has it been? What did you do with the feedback? The most beneficial part of a 360 is matching your strengths with potential opportunities and then formalizing a plan to take advantage.  Using the feedback others provide, whether it’s perception or reality, can help you take steps toward your outlined goals.


Many organizations have moved away from away from traditional job descriptions. Instead, some are using Success Profiles to outline what it takes to be successful in a particular role. Others identify leadership characteristics or strengths that may be important based on their business market. Don’t be caught off-guard. Reach out and discover what the role you’re seeking looks like through your leader, mentor or HR business partner. Do you know what responsibilities it includes? How do you plan to prepare for it? These are simple but important questions that need answering if you want any shot at preparing yourself for a successful next step.

It’s easy to forget about yourself, but also vital that you don’t. Knowing effective strategies for leadership development and then making your own leadership development a priority is the ultimate investment. So, take the time to plan and then use these few simple tips and you’ll be stunned at the payoff you find down the road.

The Mas Talent Advantage

We offer executive coaching services and corporate coaching focused on 360 feedback, identifying career goals and working on an a personalized Individual Development Plan. In addition to possessing the Hogan and Lominger’s renowned global certification, Our team is certified in courses recognized by the Human Resource Certification Institute™, the Society for Human Resource Management, and the International Coach Federation.

If you would like to earn more about our executing coaching services contact us for a free consultation or go to our executive coaching services page.

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